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Nobels Effects

he brand became famous for developing many effect pedals, switching units and headphone amplifiers for their own brand as well as for other industry stalwarts such as Fender, Washburn and Guild, to name but a few. When the brand was first formed, Nobels Founder & Owner Bernhard Kurzke had a mission statement that still holds true many years later – “NO FASHION, Just straight, high standards with that little extra for the musician!”. With the launch of the pint-sized ODR-Mini in 2019 and the latest model ODR-1 BC in 2020, Nobels is set to continue setting the standard for musicians products that key artists such as Gary Moore, Bryan Adams, Carl Verheyen, Jerry Donahue, Guthrie Trapp, Micky Moody and countless other amazing players have made part of their sonic arsenal over the decades.

Fralin Pickups

Over 25 years of experience, hand-made quality, and the highest quality materials possible. Discover why Fralin Pickups is the best choice you've ever made for your tone.

Raptus Guitars

Liuteria Cocopellis workshop manufactures and sells electric guitars under the brand Raptus to professional and amateur musicians. All guitars are handmade to the highest quality standards. Every Instrument is custom made and can also be ordered to your needs.

Cornerstone Music Gear

Cornerstone Music Gear is a family owned company focused on designing and handmade manufacturing of guitar and bass effects pedals. Located in Italy, Cornerstone was founded on 2014 as the result of our passion for music and for the obsessive research for a good sound. Our products are built by musicians for musicians, and everything we do, we do with passion.


SolidGoldFX specializes in high quality handmade effects. We believe in a no-nonsense approach to design that is both innovative and intuitive with a commitment to excellence that ensures each one of our pedals are worth their weight in gold.