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Established in 2006, SolidGoldFX is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and specializes in the development and manufacturing of high quality, handmade effects. We believe in a no-nonsense approach to design that is both innovative and intuitive, giving our products a fresh yet familiar feel. Carefully constructed to exacting standards using only select full size components, each pedal we produce is an instrument in and of itself, built to enhance tone and inspire creativity. Our passion for sound and continued commitment to excellence separate our pedals from the pack. More than just the sum of their parts, SGFX pedals are worth their weight in gold.

SolidGold FX

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CHF 258.00Spanish Castle
Dual Fuzz
CHF 183.0076
Octave Fuzz Custom Color
CHF 183.0076
Octave Fuzz
CHF 183.00Imperial Fuzz
Modern Big Muff
CHF 183.00Imperial Fuzz
Modern Big Muff
CHF 183.00Rosie
JFET Tone Bender
CHF 183.00If 6 Was 9 - BC108CS
Metallic Sage Custom Color
CHF 173.00Sasori
CHF 173.00Beta MK II
Bass Overdirve
CHF 123.00Boost
CHF 207.00Surf Rider MK III
Spring Reverb
CHF 207.00Surf Rider MK III
Spring Reverb
CHF 207.00Counter Current
Momentary Feedbacker
CHF 258.00Electroman MK II
Modulated Delay
CHF 258.00Apollo II
CHF 183.00Funk-lite Currently out of Stock
Envelope Filter

We are currently building our stock for these great pedals. So there is more to come. Contact us for availability & prices.