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DeArmond Tornado Phase Shifter 1977/79
DeArmond Tornado Phase Shifter 1977/79

DeArmond Tornado Phase Shifter 1977/79

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We're glad to offer you this rare DeArmond Tornado Phase Shifter. Inspired by EHX Small Stone, this pedal has a simple userfriendly set up that makes it easy to figure out.

The "Mellow" depth setting is just that, it has close ties to an MXR Phase 45 type tone, but with way more character and jet-taking-off capabilities.

The "Deep" setting is a complete 180° from the "Mellow" that you can't really compare to any other phaser (except the DeArmond Twister), because it sounds like no other phase shifters out there! It's just insanely fat, full, rich, and funky too.

• All original vintage pedal in excellent condition
• Easy to use

• Powered by a 9 Volt block
• Controls are in perfect working order
• Production 1977 - 1979

Note: We're gladly welcome you in our shop and let you try anything you like. Otherwise we will shoot a video and send you the link to give you an idea on how the guitar sounds.

If you need more information or pics, contact us we'll gladly answer any questions you might have.