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Ibanez PT-9 Phaser
Ibanez PT-9 Phaser
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Ibanez PT-9 Phaser

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We’re glad to offer you this beautiful Ibanez PT-9 Phaser. The pedal comes in excellent full working condition.

If we talk Ibanez pedal we should not only talk about the Tubescreamer. We need to talk about the PT-9 Phaser since it brings quintessential '80s phasing tones through features like an all-analog design, three-knob control layout for speed, feedback and width, and the iconic Ibanez 9 series chassis. The PT9 was known for having a softer character and attack than its contemporaries like the Phase 90, and thus is perfect for those interested in an accent of phase to their playing without having their tone overwhelmed.

  • All original vintage pedal
  • Made in Japan
  • Standard 9V input
  • Controls working fine
  • Produced from 1982 - 1984
  • Built like a tank
  • s/n 194112

Note: We're gladly welcome you in our shop and let you try anything you like. Otherwise we will shoot a video and send you the link to give you an idea on how the pedal sounds.
If you need more information or pics, contact us we'll gladly answer any questions you might have.