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Music Man Sabre ll
Music Man Sabre ll
Music Man Sabre ll
Music Man Sabre ll
Music Man Sabre ll
Music Man Sabre ll

Music Man Sabre ll

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We're glad to offer you this wonderfull Musicman Sabre ll from 1979. The Sabre was made from 1978 to 1980 in the Sabre l and Sabre ll versions. Tonewise we're talking more of T- Style than what the body shape implies. But with the active preamp circuit that let you control volume, treble and bass independently you have a very versatile guitar on hand. To further tweak your sound you can use the bright and phase reversal switches.

  • Excellent Condition
  • Body; Ash
  • Neck; Maple bolt on
  • Fretboard; Maple 22 frets
  • Fretboard Radius: 7'25
  • Frets; Medium Jumbo
  • Strings; Newtone 0.10-0.44
  • Nut; Bone
  • Tuners; Musicman
  • Bridge; Musicman, strings trough body
  • Pick ups; 2 Musicman Humbuckers
  • Controls; 1x Volume, 1x Bass, 1x Treble
  • Electronics; Active preamp, with Bright and Phase reversal switches
  • Weight; 3.99 kg
  • s/n; A001445
  • Case; no case or bag

The Sabre is strung with a set of Newtone 0.10 -0.44 gauge strings for clarity and tight basses.

Note: We're gladly welcome you in our shop and let you try anything you like. Otherwise we will shoot a video and send you the link to give you an idea on how the guitar sounds.

If you need more information or pics, contact us we'll gladly answer any questions you might have.