Holy Cow Straps in Stock now!
Holy Cow Straps in Stock now!
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SolidGoldFX BC549 Boost

SolidGoldFX BC549 Boost

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We're glad to offer you this crunchy boost from SolidGold FX, the BC549!
Feisty sounding Boutique Effect, hand made in Montreal Canada.

Sometimes, we guitarists demand a little more from our boost pedals. Of course, a clean boost is nice to have, except when it isn’t. Some clean boosts can sound limiting when you switch positions. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could kick the concept of clean to the curb and get a simple boost that doubled as a crunchy drive? Our BC549 Mini Booster is just such a pedal.

The core of the unit is a meaty, grimy boost that adds crunch in all the right places and fills out the frequency spectrum for a concentrated blast of dirt in a no-frills package.

The BC549 Mini Booster’s streamlined design means it’s sensitive to small changes in controls before or after it, seamlessly melding with your other gear and amp, adding dynamics and character to otherwise blasé gear. For those of you with amps that simply won’t break up under any circumstances, the BC549 Mini Booster is your new BFF.

Note: We're gladly welcome you in our shop and let you try anything you like. Otherwise we will shoot a video and send you the link to give you an idea on how the guitar sounds.

If you need more information or pics, contact us we'll gladly answer any questions you might have.

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