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SolidGoldFX Spanish Castle

SolidGoldFX Spanish Castle

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We're glad to offer you this Dual Fuzz from SolidGold FX, the Spanish Castle! Incredible good sounding Boutique Effect, hand made in Montreal Canada.

The year 1969: Not only was Led Zeppelin’s eponymous album released,
but Woodstock took place in August. 1969 marks a turning point in the
gear world also; it was the year that Dallas-Arbiter switched Fuzz Face
production from the lower-gain germanium transistor core to readily
available higher-gain silicon devices. Our Spanish Castle pays tribute
to this year.

Packed to the turrets with fuzz spread across two
separate and footswitchable If 6 Was 9 circuits, the Spanish Castle is
the perfect device for the fuzz-crazy and fuzz-curious alike. Combining
both Fuzz Face eras with a little contemporary magic is what we do
around here.

The right side of the Spanish Castle represents the
pre-’69 circuit, equipped with low-gain transistors and
carbon-composition resistors, just like they used to roll them off the
line. Unlike the Faces of yore, this circuit is equipped with a bias
circuit to dial in just the right flavor, and cleans up like a champ.
The original tenant of the Spanish Castle would have loved it.

the left side, our post-’69 If 6 Was 9 circuit lies in wait. This wing
of the Spanish Castle offers up higher-gain transistors for a more
buzzsaw-like grind, metal film resistors for tighter tolerances and an
extended bias range for dialing in ripping fuzz textures as well as
full-bodied snarl.

Each side offers up two toggle switches—Color
is a three-position switch that adjusts the EQ of its respective side,
from flat EQ to two settings that shave off treble and mids. The Input
toggle is also a three-position switch, changing gain and bass values
that make the Spanish Castle adapt better to your wahs and other pedals.

that’s not enough control for you, each side contains an internal
switch that changes between Bold and Comp modes, the former increasing
the output and midrange, and the latter offering a softer, more
compressed tone.

Please enjoy your stay in the Spanish Castle. You’d better make yourself at home. You’re going to be here a while.

Note: We're gladly welcome you in our shop and let you try anything you like. Otherwise we will shoot a video and send you the link to give you an idea on how the guitar sounds.

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