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SolidGoldFX Zeta MKII Overdrive/Preamp

SolidGoldFX Zeta MKII Overdrive/Preamp

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We're glad to offer you this Overdrive/Preamp from SolidGold FX, the Zeta MKII!
Phat sounding Boutique Effect, hand made in Montreal Canada.

With all these “amp-in-a-box” overdrives on the market these days, there are many options to make your amp sound like any number of classic boxes out there. But what if you wanted to sound like a brand new amp that didn’t exist yet? Such is the philosophy behind the Zeta MKII.

Our Zeta MKII offers warm, “greasy” amp-like tones in a solitary box. The specially designed JFET preamp turns the pedal into a touch-sensitive dynamic drive pedal that works equally well on leads or rhythm, thanks to dual operation modes via the Body toggle.

This toggle increases the low end of the Zeta MKII in higher gain settings, making it a boon for players that travel all over the neck. The Gain control of the Zeta MKII is far-ranging, and so the Body toggle is especially interactive with it.

A well-voiced Tone control rounds out the Zeta MKII’s knob selection. The default character of the pedal is slightly enhanced in the mids, and the Tone control is mindful of this fact, sounding great on any position, even 1 and 10.

The gain structure of the Zeta MKII is especially amp-like in both feel and topology, so there is some subtle compression available, as well as authentic amp sag and playability. Exquisite.

The Zeta MKII’s character is like nothing else on the market today or any other day, and will lift your tone to a level never before heard by audiences the world over.

Note: We're gladly welcome you in our shop and let you try anything you like. Otherwise we will shoot a video and send you the link to give you an idea on how the guitar sounds.

If you need more information or pics, contact us we'll gladly answer any questions you might have.

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